Three Vicars Talking : The Book of the Brilliant BBC Radio 4 Series by Richard Coles , Kate Bottley , Giles Fraser

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When Christine Morgan got Richard Coles, Kate Bottley and Giles Fraser together in a studio, all she had to do was plug them in and let them go. The dynamic between the three meant there were moments of real connection and poignancy alongside the laughter: 'I'm exaggerating for comic effect,' Kate announced after one particularly outrageous anecdote, 'It's one of the reasons we're here.'Each realized in the course of conversation that they favoured one of the three rites of passage:Giles: Baptism because you enter into the body of ChristRichard: Funerals because they take you into the mystery of GodKate: Weddings because you get to wear nice shoesEngagingly introduced by Christine Morgan, the book ends with the profoundly moving episode (recorded remotely in the three vicars' homes) that was broadcast on Easter Sunday 2020, to a world in crisis.