Sun Two-Speed Crossword Collection 7 : 160 Two-in-One Cryptic and Coffee Time Crosswords

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Quiz your family at home with crosswords, puzzles and games. A cracking collection of the unique two-speed crossword puzzle from The Sun. With 160 puzzles both with quick and cryptic style clues for the same puzzle, you have all you need for a word workout with this fantastic puzzle.

The two-speed crossword puzzles appear daily in The Sun, Britain's bestselling daily newspaper. Providing a unique challenge amongst crosswords, each puzzle has a set of cryptic and coffee-time, quick definition-style clues, so that you can choose either to take your time, or to head for the speedy conclusion, with both sets of clues leading to the same answer. These crosswords do not rely on topical knowledge and can be enjoyed at any time, any place.

This collection of 160 crosswords will appeal to anyone seeking a fun and informative break from daily life.