Greek Island Escape : Paradise is only pages away by Patricia Wilson

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The new novel from the author of Island of Secrets. Perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore and Lucinda Riley. 'I am Sofia.

I am searching for my daughter, born 1st November 1972. Can you help me?'On the beautiful beaches of Crete, an old woman is handing out scraps of paper. Sofia, eighty-five years old, unable to speak, is desperate to find a daughter she has never known.

After a tragic childhood in Athens and a soaring career as a singer, the brutal treatment of the man she loved by a tyrannical regime forced her to give up her daughter mere days after her birth. Now she longs to be reunited with her child before it's too late. Meanwhile in London, Zoe is searching too.

In the months since the disappearance of her teenage daughter, Zoe's life has crumbled apart. Her husband has left her, her son feels forgotten, and every day is a struggle. But Zoe is desperate to track her daughter down, even if she doesn't want to be found .