Surviving Hell: the brutal true story of the Chennai Six by Nick Dunn

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The astonishing story of former British soldier Nick Dunn, who was caught up in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in the modern era. Arrested and imprisoned in India as one of the 'Chennai Six', Nick wasn't just innocent of any crime - there was no crime. Stationed on an anti-piracy ship to protect vessels against Somali pirates, the six were arrested and falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons.

Nick lost four years of his life trapped in a legal nightmare in India, thousands of miles from home and his family, spending the bulk of his time in appalling conditions at Chennai prison with extremely limited contact to the outside world. Despite this, Nick refused to buckle, and now he tells his full story of endurance and survival for the very first time. 'Truly remarkable' Damien Lewis