Unwanted : The true story of a new life grown from love, loss and the ultimate betrayal by Suz Evasdaughter

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A true story of resilience, survival and achievement, and a heartbreaking tale of a father's complicity in his own family's disintegration. In Yorkshire in the 1950s, Suz Evasdaughter, aged just 5, is moved to a children's home with her brothers. Confused, little Suz begins to blame herself for her mother's death.

Her father eventually brings them back, but instead of finding a safe haven to rebuild their family, Suz finds herself plunged into a life of misery at the mercy of an uncaring and brutal stepmother. Unwanted tells the story of Suz's struggle to escape from her broken home and leave her fractured past behind her. But lurking in the shadows is a dark family secret...