Night Train by Martin Amis

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A sharp twist on the noir genre from one of England's finest fiction writers'I worked one hundred murders,' says Detective Mike Hoolihan, an American policewoman. 'In my time I have come in on the aftermath of maybe a thousand suspicious deaths, most of which turned out to be suicides, accidentals or plain unattendeds. So I've seen them all: jumpers, stumpers, dumpers, dunkers, bleeders, floaters, poppers, bursters.

But of all the bodies I have ever seen none has stayed with me, in my gut, like the body of Jennifer Rockwell. I say all this because I am part of the story I am going to tell, and I feel the need to give you some idea of where I'm coming from.' Night Train is a mystery story which lingers in the reader's mind even after Mike Hoolihan declares the case closed. `Tough, noir, Chandleresque' Independent `Night Train is both delicate and bruising - a long drawn-out blue note.

The book hangs around in the mind like smoke in a jazz club' Telegraph Magazine