Superfoods to Superhealth : Intelligent and sustainable food choices for the next generation by Johanna Ward

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“Superfoods to Superhealth addresses head-on the great individual and public health challenges of our time: the conditions we all fear most, such as cancer, dementia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disease. It questions our naive over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, our unrealistic expectations of ‘a pill for every ill’ and the over-medicalisation of normal human responses to unhealthy lifestyles, stress and unhappiness.” Dr Hilary Jones

Superfoods to Superhealth  is a powerful and profound exploration of the perils of modern western diets and lifestyles. With mankind on the brink of simultaneous healthcare and ecological catastrophes, the timing of this book couldn't be more pertinent.

Superfoods will inspire you to realign your dietary choices and presents the medical evidence in favour of a plant-based, whole food diet. It will also show you how plant-based living is the key to living sustainably and to saving our beautiful planet.

If you want to cut your cancer risk in half, stave off most western diseases and add 20 years to your life then this book is for you. If you care about the planet and want to learn how to eat and live sustainably then this will be your inspiration.