Shape Up with Gabby Allen : Fast food + dynamic workouts - transform your body in 4 weeks by Gabby Allen

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ARE YOU READY TO SHAPE UP FOR SUMMER? Join Personal Trainer Gabby through May on her instagram as she works out and cooks from the book. You know Gabby from Love Island, Big Brother and instagram, you've worked out with her bestselling Shape Up app - now get to know ALL her diet and fitness secrets to transform your body ready for your summer adventures... -Learn what to eat every day-Work out to get visible results fast-Find out how to keep your social life without falling off the fitness wagon!!Cook from Gabby's favourite low-calorie, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to stay full and energised.

Recipes are easy to make, use normal ingredients and can be chucked together so you can always eat well no matter how busy you are. You're going to work hard for 4 weeks but it will be worth it. Afterwards, you'll have the knowledge to stay fit and lean for life.

You can do Gabby's quick HIIT workouts at home or on holiday, fitting them around your daily routine. They are tailored to all fitness levels and require no special equipment. Find your body confidence with Gabby.