Accidental Spy By Sean O'Driscoll

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Published 24 January 2019

Format: Hardback

The gripping real story of the ordinary American man who found himself at the centre of a deadly terrorist organisation – working for both MI5 and the FBI.

A bored trucker from New York took a holiday to Ireland with his new girlfriend and brought down the IRA.

Just a quick Google search reveals the level of interest across Britain, Ireland and the US into exactly how this ordinary blue-collar worker found himself at the centre of an espionage ring.

David Rupert, a complete outsider with no connection to Ireland, rose to the very top of the Real IRA, all while working for the FBI and British intelligence.

But the story is really about just how a bored, frustrated New York trucking manager became one of Britain’s most valued spies, brought down the entire IRA structure and made $10 million dollars in the process.