Fear and Loathing on the Oche by King Adz

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Anyone who's ever seen or attended the PDC World Darts Championships knows that darts is no ordinary sport. Where else would you find world-class superstars, in the midst of a championship match, cultivating tomorrow's banging hangover? Or two separate organisations, with a bitter historical rivalry, taking potshots at each other in a bid to secure players, fans and an all-important TV broadcast contract?And then there's the fans... Darts fans are unlike any other fans in world sport.

They drink the most, they wear the silliest costumes, they sing the loudest and yet they can arguably see the least live action. They feel an immense pride and ownership for the game - its theirs, and they couldn't care less about the sneers from the mainstream. Join King ADZ as he dives headfirst into this tempestuous world, meeting former legends, future stars, dominant Internationals, the owners, the referees and of course the fans.

Darts may be a simple game to many, but to most it's absolute mayhem.