To Catch A Killer - My Hunt for the Truth Behind the Doorstep Murder by Peter Bleksley

9781786069832 John Blake
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On 28 November 2004, banker and father-of-two Alistair Wilson was shot three times on his doorstep in a killing more commonly associated with inner city gang wars than a sleepy seaside town in the Scottish Highlands. Almost fifteen years later, the question remains: why?Who would wish to kill this respectable husband and family man in such a brutal fashion? Was it simply a tragic case of mistaken identity, or did someone have reason to end the thirty-year-old's life? And what was the significance of the envelope handed to him before he was fatally wounded?Over the years, leads have been investigated and dismissed, gossip has spread, theories offered and rumours debated at length. And yet, so long after Alistair's death, no arrest has ever been made and precious few leads have been made public.

In this gripping true crime investigation, Peter Bleksley, a former Met Police undercover cop, crime and policing expert and The Chief on Channel 4's Hunted, strives to uncover the truth and hunt down Alistair's killer. He travels to Nairn, speaks to experts, and draws on his own investigative experience in order to offer new leads and insight into Scotland's most mysterious murder case.