The Floor is Lava : and 99 more games for everyone, everywhere by Ivan Brett

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Packed with 100 different games, this is a how-to for turning time together into quality time together. Playing games can be so enjoyable but don't you often find yourself playing the same old games time and time again? Well why not let Ivan Brett inspire you with over 99 games to entertain any gathering of friends of family. In The Floor is Lava there are games to start a party, ideas to trigger conversation, story-telling setups and fiendish puzzles, plus physical challenges, activities to soothe a weary brain and plenty more.

In short, there is something for everyone. Here you'll find games for every occasion: * beating boredom in the car* hosting a party* cooling off in the summer holidays* sitting around the dinner table* digesting your Christmas turkey* being trapped in the house on a rainy dayNow, jump up and get started - the floor is lava!You can listen to Ivan's 'The Floor is Lava' weekly podcast on iTunes and Entale.