When You Want to Say Yes, But Your Body Says No by Liz Tucker

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If you are stuck in a rut of ill health, exhaustion and low self-esteem then this is the book for you. Liz Tucker, GMTV's Stress Doctor, reveals her three-part plan that will free you from stress, illness and lethargy - and let your body say 'yes' again. Contents summaryLiz Tucker, life coach, nutritionist and stress psychologist, shares her proven three-part plan to help you beat fatigue, adrenal burnout, IBS, ME and other stress-related illnesses.

It will help you: * Understand your body and become your own health detective* Stop worrying about stress and instead learn how to control it* Take control of your health and make fatigue a thing of the past. Part One examines your body, why it is letting you down, and what you need to do to return it to full healthPart Two looks at your mind, how it affects your physical health and how to use it to break free from the anxiety-stress-fatigue cyclePart Three shows you how to customize your plan of action and gives you the focus to succeed * Liz Tucker is a glowing example of what her plan can do for you and has already done for herself (she was bedridden with stress-related illness for three years) and hundreds of her clients. Her book will offer hope to thousands of burnt-out and overburdened people.