Pears' Cyclopaedia 2017-2018 Edited by Dr Chris Cook

9780141985541 Penguin Books
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THE FINAL EDITION A world of knowledge rolled into one must-have volume - the Swiss army knife of reference booksThe quintessentially British almanac, Pears' Cyclopaedia continues to inform and intrigue generations of readers with its unique mix of solid facts and fascinating gems. Now in its final year, this ultimate volume offers clear and concise information on such wide-ranging subjects as global events, Norse mythology and modern cinema. Updated regularly by editor Chris Cook and his panel of experts, this handy and beautiful edition includes new entries for all major events from 2017-18 and all the traditional favourites - from public figures and celebrities, through medical matters and classical mythology, to a gazetteer of the British Isles and the latest tax advice.

Please note the print in this Encyclopaedia is very small as it always has been