Black Teeth by Zane Lovitt

Disaffected with his job, friends and love life, or lack thereof, Jason Ginaff is obsessed with finding his estranged father. Little does he know, he's not the only one looking...

She thinks my name is Steve. It's the name on my lease, but not the one on my phone bill which is different again from the one on my electricity account. I considered telling her once, all about my John Doe life. How my work makes me security conscious with a hint of paranoia, how my real name is Jason, and I'd like to kiss her on the mouth. But the moment passed. And it probably would have just made her angry.

Jason Ginaff doesn't get out much. Partly because of the anxiety, mainly because he works at home. Researching people on the internet. Job candidates doing bucket bongs on Instagram accounts they thought they'd deleted; the prospective new head of sales stripping for a hens' night... He's been searching for something on his own time, too. Now he's found it: the phone number of the man he believes to be his father. Which is how he gets mixed up with Rudy Alamein. They've been looking for the same man. Difference being, Rudy wants to kill him.

BLACK TEETH is a witty, dynamic contemporary thriller by an emerging master of the form. Beautifully written and darkly funny, it's both a literary triumph and an irresistible read