All to Live for Fighting Cancer Finding Hope by Emma Hannigan

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*All To Live For is an extended and updated edition of the bestselling memoir Talk to the Headscarf *Imagine you're thirty-two, married with two little children, and you find out you're carrying a deadly cancer gene?That was Emma Hannigan in August 2005, when she discovered she had the BRAC1 gene, which meant a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer and an 85% chance of developing breast cancer. Emma had two options - wait for the big bad cancer wolf or have radical surgery. She chose the latter and had a double mastectomy and both ovaries removed, which reduced her cancer risk to 5%.Just as she was dressing in her victory dance outfit, her worst fears were realised.

Cancer struck anyway. Now, twelve years later, Emma is battling cancer for the tenth time. This is her incredible, inspirational story.