Mindspan Diet : Reduce Alzheimer's Risk, Minimize Memory Loss, and Keep Your Brain Young by Dr Preston Estep

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It's a terrifying fact, that Alzheimer's disease is now a leading cause of death in developed countries. But here's the good news: we now have the knowledge to extend the lives of both our bodies and our minds. By studying the diets of the Mindspan Elite - cultures where people live longest and levels of dementia are low - as well as how certain food additives and ingredients interact with our genes, esteemed scientist Dr Preston W.

Estep has developed a revolutionary plan that will forever change how you think about diet and ageing. Long-held beliefs - namely in the inherent goodness of iron, protein and wholegrains - are torn down. Guidance on how to crack the code of nutritional labels is provided.

Delicious recipes are there to be savoured. The Mindspan Diet will give you a whole new perspective on how food affects you, just as it shows that you can enjoy the richest flavours life has to offer and remain lean, healthy and cognitively intact for a very long time.