Toys : 100 Years of Iconic Toys by Stevanne Auerbech

9781909399907 Roads Publishing
From Frisbees to Fisher Price, the evolution of the toy has been marked by innovations in design, technology and marketing, but these developments largely passed over the heads of children, who had just one thing on their minds: getting their hands on that latest must-have toy. And so nothing evokes emotion like rediscovering a cherished childhood toy. In Toys we have assembled one hundred toys and games that redefined play and photographed them like the marvels of design they are. Accompanied by text on each toy's success story, and crowned with an essay on the art of toy design by prolific writer and child development expert, Stevanne 'Dr Toy' Auerbach, this is a warm and insightful journey into the past, featuring familiar faces from Barbie to Buzz Lightyear and spanning the ingeniously simple to the jaw-droppingly complex. With new photography by Irish photographer, Kevin Fox