Dangerous Skies by Brian James

It’s 1941 and London is at war. Bombs rain from the skies on the shattered city, bringing death and destruction. To survive,thousands of children and their parents shelter beneath the earth in Underground stations.

As the air-raid sirens wail, Alan and his best mates, Tommy and Wilkie, skip school to roam the streets and play among the bombsites and burned-out houses. They are soon sucked into
a gang of looters. As the police close in on the gang, Alan and his friends are caught between the law and a violent killer. But even if they escape, they could still fall victim to the dangerous skies of wartime London.

“Dangerous Skies is a beautifully-plotted novel with memorable characters and a riveting story but most
of all it’s a wonderful evocation of those dreadful years of dogfi ghts, blitz and fear of invasion.”
Dennis Hamley Author of The War and Freddy and Divided Loyalties