Pursuit of Happiness by Ruth Whippman

9780099592556 Windmill Books
Essential reading. So funny, so relevant, so fascinating ...I loved it". (Marian Keyes).

"A whip-sharp British Bill Bryson". (Sunday Times). When British journalist Ruth Whippman moved to America it seemed that everyone she met was obsessed with one thing: finding happiness.

Americans spend more money and energy on becoming happier than anyone on earth, but yet they are some of the least happy people in the developed world. So Ruth sets off on a journey to work out what's going wrong, and most importantly what lessons we can all learn about what truly makes for a happy life. From nearly falling apart during a controversial self-help course promising total transformation, to investigating a 'happiness city' in the Nevada desert, spending time with the Mormons in Utah to exploring the darker truths behind the positive psychology movement, Ruth tries it all.

Along the way she stumbles upon a more effective, less anxiety inducing path to contentment.