Origami for Mindfulness : Color and Fold Your Way to Inner Peace with These 35 Calming Projects by Mari Ono`

9781782494058 Cico Books
Use mindful origami everyday with these 35 projects designed to destress, calm and help you live in the moment. The therapeutic effects of origami are well known in Japan and here Mari Ono - an expert in Japanese papercrafts - reveals how a few simple folds can reduce stress, improve concentration and help overcome negativity. By focussing on the experience of creating beautiful paper flowers, objects, animals and more, this collection of 35 projects will guide you on a path to connectedness, awareness and improved physical and emotional health.

Not only that, the feelings of joy and satisfaction gained from completing a model will bring inner peace and help to redress emotional imbalances in our daily lives. Origami is also the perfect tool for anyone interested in taking the first steps toward a mindful lifestyle - it is a very pure discipline where no expensive equipment is required and you can do it anywhere. To get you started, over 60 pieces of origami paper are provided, including a selection of sheets you can color in yourself-another activity proven to elicit a calming response in the body.