Quite Very Actual Adventures of Worzel Wooface

9781845848927 Hubble and Hattie


WANTED: Small, friendly dog. Good with people and other dogs. Able to cope with teenagers and life in a weird family that's given up trying to be perfect.

The ability to sail, or a willingness to learn, an advantage. Must like cats. WANTED: Experienced family for anxious, enormous Lurcher.

No small children. Needs someone around all the time. Cat-safe.

WANTED: Someboddedy to luff me for wot I are. A famberly that likes walking and doing hinteresting fings but does not hexpect me to be perfick. Or do sit.

No small children, sticks, flip-flops or cats. Ok, there can be cats but they'd better be actual quite very nice to me. Kittens, dogs, family, boats, friends (both human and furry), disasters and successes all feature in over 200 pages of stories, letters and diary entries.