Breathe by Jean Hall

9781849497749 Quadrille


Breathing is essential to life and we do automatically, naturally but it is alsosomething we can consciously control. However, most of us spend our livesbreathing the wrong way and not harnessing the true power of our breath.Breathe will teach you some of the simplest methods to increase awareness,mindfulness and help you regain mental and physical focus. Breathing the right wayhas many benefits including lowering your blood pressure, promoting feelings ofcalm and relaxation and helping you to de-stress.Breath training has been essential to the practice of yoga for years and hasbecome the new must-do exercise in wellness circles with more people showing aninterest how to conquer their breath.

Breathe includes 20 breath work exercises toimprove your well-being; covering the essentials such as moving breath, mindfulbreathing and how to rebalance the breath. This portable sized book is perfect tokeep in your handbag for finding peace on your daily commute, a moment of quiet inyour local park or just to keep by your bedside.With these easy-to-follow techniques and inspirational quotes improve the wayyou breathe and open yourself up to feelings of renewed energy, sense of calmnessand clarity of the mind.