Truth of Spirits : A Medium's Journey from Panic to Peace by Joy Baird

9781781807064 Hay House


World-renowned medium Carmel Joy Baird shares the powerful story of how she overcame extreme panic and anxiety to break a cycle of abuse and find a life of freedom, forgiveness and love. From childhood, Carmel heard and saw things that nobody else did. She hid from the truth of her gifts, full of shame and fear that she was 'crazy' because of these apparent hallucinations.

When Carmel finally accepted her authentic self, she was able to use her gift of speaking to the dead to help thousands of people worldwide - but first she had to help herself. With the help of her Angels and Guides, she was able to defeat her inner demons and heal both herself and her family. Join Carmel as she recounts her rollercoaster journey and shares tales from the Other Side with her trademark humour.

By embarking on this incredible voyage with her, you will gain a firmer understanding of your authentic self, your own truth and of living in love and in light.