Search for Myself by Mike Pender

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Mike Pender has fulfilled a wish: to set out his life story as lead singer/guitarist and founder member of the Searchers, and tell it exactly as it was. He and his group enjoyed many Top 20 hits and played all over the world, but their huge success was interspersed with changes in the line-up and bitter disputes which led to broken friendships and an ultimate parting of the ways. The book is packed with interesting facts and anecdotes, fun and heartbreak.

Mike tells, for the first time, of his love for his 'one and only' girlfriend, to whom he is still married. They had three children, but one son was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. He speaks of his passion for guitars and antique clocks, and the thrills of buying and selling them for a fat profit -- something entirely different from constantly being on the road and in recording studios for hours on end.

His first-hand account of the birth of the Searchers and their meteoric rise to stardom is fascinating, yet Mike remains surprisingly modest about his own achievements. It is the story of a gifted musician and devoted family man who finally found fulfilment after he took charge of his career and became his own master.