Total Detox Plan : Cleanse and Revitalise Your System and See the Difference in Seven Days by Charmaine Yabsley

9781906761554 Modern Books


Total Detox Plan will show you how to detox and improve your whole health. Cleanse your body, boost your immune system, and enjoy a glowing complexion using these straight-forward plans and therapies. The programme consists of 10 different detox plans, including a 3-Day liver detox and stop-smoking detox, as well as 24 hour, 3-Day and 7-Day total cleanses.

This book offers a well-rounded, sensible cleansing approach for those who want to improve their health by clearing sugar, caffeine, trans-fats, alcohol and/or nicotine from their system. The author offers a clear understanding of the detox process, delectable recipes, and energising practices.