Understanding High Blood Pressure Dr Aziz Shahid

9781847093264 Sheldon Press


Cutting edge research from a leading consultant cardiologist. High blood pressure is on the increase and is expected to rise by 24% in developed countries, affecting one in three of the world's adult population by 2025. As it is, hypertension is already a fact of life for around half of people in the UK over 65, and for some 70% of those in their 70s.

It has a strong correlation with obesity and diabetes, levels of which are also soaring, and is strongly linked to lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, fatty diets and high salt consumption. On the positive side, lifestyle modifications can be very effective, and even small changes can be beneficial. This book looks at how blood pressure is diagnosed and treated.

Topics include: Role of blood pressure within the larger picture of cardiovascular health How hypertension may be linked with other disease How it affects special populations such as the elderly and pregnant women Treatment - drug therapy Lifestyle changes

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