New Old-Fashioned Parenting Liat Hughes Joshi

9781849536721 Summersdale


There's been a revolution in the family; it's now all about the kids. We've moved on from children being 'seen and not heard', but we're now plagued with the worry of ending up with 'that child' - the one who's running amok and is ill-prepared for life. This book combines contemporary and traditional childrearing methods, bringing fresh thinking to some of the essential parenting issues of our time: * Managing screen use * Encouraging independence * Finding the balance between school and play * Compromising between parenting that's pushy and not involved enough * Establishing the 'best of both worlds' approach that works in the modern world for modern families.

In this manifesto of new old-fashioned parenting there's no pandering, no spoiling, and definitely no dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets at dinner time.