How to Complain: the Essential Consumer's Guide to Gaining Results, Refunds and Redress by Helen Dewdney

9780993070426 The Complaining Cow

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Updated to take into account the Consumer Rights Act 2015


Here is the result of over 30 years of experience from the campaigner Helen Dewdney, who sports the online persona "The Complaining Cow". Including tips, real-life examples, anecdotes and handy template letters, you are provided with the knowledge and confidence to assert your legal rights, overcome any consumer complaint hurdles and always gain redress. Discover what kind of complainer you are, how you can gain better results and how to deal with the common fob offs companies use. Get comprehensive advice on the most up to date consumer laws you could ever need, how to complain effectively, how and where to take things further when you don t get a satisfactory response and lots of useful contacts. Faulty goods, poor service, bad advice, over charging and mis-selling; it is all covered here. Learn how to take on supermarkets, airlines, energy and insurance companies, banks, and restaurants amongst others and get results. Read how and why she took Tesco to the small claims court and won. Never be out of pocket again!

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Buy this book. And next time a shop or bank or holiday firm fails you, take it off the shelf, find out what to do, and complain. Always write ("I don't do phone calls"), quote the law they've broken (each section begins with a thorough guide), state clearly what you want (everything plus compensation), and end the letter with your next step if you don't get it (right up to court action). How to Complain is by turns homely and thorough. Helen Dewdney has complained about every kind of poor service and, from what she says, always wins. She knows precisely what her rights are and how to get them. Her guiding principle is never take yes for an answer. If you want £100 compensation and they offer £50 write back and demand £200. How to complain is in itself a model. The title is accurate. And it delivers what it promises. It should strike fear into any firm that doesn't. And make them change before we have to write that letter. --This is the book that everyone needs for solving their consumer issues. Using a wide variety of excellent template lPaul Lewis, financial journalist

Using a wide variety of excellent template letters, legal explanations and clear worked examples, the Complaining Cow shows us how to get problems resolved simply and efficiently. The book will pay for itself the first time you use it" Letters, legal explanations and clear worked examples, the Complaining Cow shows us how to get problems resolved simply and efficiently. The book will pay for itself the first time you use it--Marcus Williamson, Editor,

Why everyone should know about this book This is a great book which will go a long way in helping us to deal with any problems we have with companies. The advice is excellent and there is practical help as well as advice. On energy most of us do not understand what kind of service we have a right to expect, what we can complain about and how to go about doing this. I think the book should be prominently displayed in every library and other public places. Once people realise it is available they will use it to get much needed help to tackle poor service. Hopefully if enough of us do this, things may change for the better. --Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy

If you had to keep one book with you so that you know what to do if something goes wrong, it would be this one. The Complaining Cow has gathered all the consumer information that you need into a single book. It is the book that saves a thousand searches, as all the answers are in one place! --James Walker,