We Good...We No Shoot by Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

9780956182036 Dane House Publishing


We Good… We No Shoot -The Christmas Truce at Plugstreet Wood in 1914

By Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

We Good… We No Shoot is about the Christmas Truce held at Plugstreet Wood in Belgium. It is the best documented of all the armistices that took place on the Western Front, involving nine battalions of the British Expeditionary Force. The authors cover in detail:


·         The build-up to the Christmas Truce during December 1914- the appalling weather, permanently flooded trenches, the dangers of shelling and sniper fire, a catastrophic attack on the German front line and a catalogue of lost lives


·         The events of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the New Year


·         Carols, music, the exchanges in No Man’s Land, football, strange happenings and coincidences, group photographs, Christmas fayre, information gathering and the collection and burial of bodies


·         The reactions, in their own words, of those who took part in an extraordinary event described by Andrew Hamilton’s grandfather Captain Robert Hamilton as ‘A DAY UNIQUE IN THE WORLD’S HISTORY’.

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