Healthy Eating for Your Heart by Paul Gayler

9781856268745 Kyle Books


Worldwide, 17 million deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD) each year and it is estimated that a third of these are due to an unhealthy diet. Healthy food doesn't have to equal boring food. Offering a broad range of delicious recipes and helpful nutritional advice, this book has been designed for those who love food, but don't want to compromise their health in order to enjoy eating it.

The first part of the book explains what causes heart disease and how to reduce the risks. It discusses how to implement good eating habits with the least disruption, for example, how to feed a family healthy fast-food and eating out. There is also advice on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, the difference between good and bad fats and cholesterol, and why the Mediterranean and Asian diets can help protect against heart disease.

Healthy Eating for Your Heart has a contemporary approach with a diet that not only keeps your heart healthy, but is also packed with truly tempting and enticing food.