Understanding Type 2 Diabetes by Merlin Thomas

9781921966200 Exisle Publishing (Australia)


In the UK, 2.9 million people are affected by diabetes, and 90% of them have Type 2. There are also thought to be around 850,000 people with undiagnosed diabetes. In this essential resource for any diabetes sufferer, Merlin Thomas from the world-renowned Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute offers clear, effective guidance on how to manage all aspects of the disease.

The book examines what diabetes is and how it comes about. It describes the many practical changes you can make to your diet, while also looking at physical activity and the different ways exercise can be used maintain and improve your health. Individual chapters look at the effects of diabetes on the heart, vision, feet, kidneys, bladder, mind, mood, sleep and sex - all critically important areas for sufferers wanting to maintain optimum health.

Diabetes is on the increase. If we don't suffer from Type 2 diabetes ourselves, we know someone who does. This simply written, easy-to-understand manual offers comprehensive,up-to-date help for the millions of sufferers and their carers.You may also like Delicious Dishes for Diabetics £6.99Everything Guide to Managing Type 2 Diabetes by Paula Ford Martin  £14.99Diabetes Healing Diet by Christine Craggs-Hinton £8.99Blood Sugar The Family by Michael Moore £19.99