Wildlife Gardener : Creating a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies by Kate Bradbury

9780857831576GI Kyle Books
The Wildlife Gardener is a book of two parts. The first half is all about creating wildlife habitats in your garden and is split into sections on shelter, food and water. Kate gives advice on what to grow, do's and don't of bird feeding and organic methods of pest control.

She has also devised 10 step-by-step projects that will help encourage wildlife into your garden, such as creating a bumblebee nester, making green roof and building a bird box. These are all achievable in a weekend and suitable for even the smallest gardens. The second part of the book is a mini field guide to help you identify the birds and other creatures that you are likely to spot in your garden.

Kate gives tips on particular species, explaining what to look out for and how to cater for specific species of birds, mammals, bees, butterflies, moths and pondlife.