Bomb Girls by Jacky Hyams

9781782197546 John Blake
They were the unsung heroines of World War II; the wives, mums, and teenage girls, all 'doing their bit' for the war effort, clocking in daily to work in vast munitions factories, helping make the explosives, bullets and war machines that would ensure victory for Britain. It was dangerous, dirty and exhausting work. They worked round the clock, often exposed to toxic lethal chemicals.

A factory accident could mean blindness, loss of limbs - or worse. Many went home with acid burns, yellow skin or discoloured hair. Others were forced to leave their loved one and move to live with total strangers in unfamiliar surroundings.

Frequently, their male bosses were coarse and unsympathetic. Yet this hidden army of nearly two million women toiled on regardless through the worst years of the war, cheerfully ignoring the dangers and the exhaustion, as bombing , rationing an the heartbreak of loss or separation took their toll on everyone in the country. Only now, all these years later, have they chosen to tell their remarkable stories.

Here, in their own words, are the vivid wartime memories of the 'secret army' of female munitions workers, whose resilience and sheer grit in the face of danger has only now started to emerge.