Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives The Thai Cave Rescue by John Volanthen

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Published 1st June

READ THE INSIDE STORY OF THE THAI CAVE RESCUE SAVING THIRTEEN LIVES 'A profound and thrilling read.' COLIN FARRELL 'A case study in courage.' RON HOWARD, Oscar-winning director of Apollo 13 'This is one of the great stories of our time.' CHAI VARSARHEYLYI, Oscar-winning co-director of Free Solo As John's light flickered from one boy to another, he called out, 'How many of you?' 'Thirteen,' a boy answered. After 10 days trapped in desperate darkness, the boys and their coach were all alive. Diver John Volanthen reveals how he pushed the limits of human endurance in the life-or-death mission to rescue the Thai youth soccer team trapped in the flooded cave.

The world held its breath in 2018 when the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach went missing deep underground in the Tham Luang cave complex in northern Thailand. They had been stranded by sudden, continuous monsoon rains while exploring the caves after practice. As the torrential rain persisted and the waters continued to rise, an army of rescue teams and equipment was deployed, including Thai Navy SEALs, a US Air Force special tactics squadron, police sniffer dogs, drones and robots.

But it was British cave diver John Volanthen and his partner, Rick Stanton, who were first to reach the stranded team and who played a key role in their ultimate rescue. Each chapter of Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Livestells one part of the edge-of-your-seat mission from Tham Luang but also imparts a life lesson, gleaned from John's previous rescues and record-breaking cave dives, that can be applied to everyday obstacles and challenges. In this story of breathtaking courage and nerves of steel, John reveals how responding positively to the statement, 'But I can't...' by stating, 'I can,' led to one of the most incredible rescues of all time.

He hopes that his story will inspire the superhero in you. Meanwhile, he is always on standby for the next rescue.