Best Things by Mel Giedroyc

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1st April

Could the worst day of Sally Parker's life be the best thing that ever happened to her? Sally Parker had a morbid fear of big social events and it was for this reason that she was crouching down low in the shoe section of her wardrobe... Sally Parker is struggling to find the hero inside herself. All she wants to do is lie down.

Her husband Frank has lost his business, their home and their savings, in one fell swoop. Their bank cards are being declined. The children have gone feral.

And now the bailiffs are at the door. What does an ordinary woman do when the bottom falls out?Sally Parker is about to surprise everybody. Most of all herself.

A big-hearted story of a family on the brink, The Best Things is a life-affirming tale of failing, falling and finding a way back up. REAL READERS LOVE THE BEST THINGS... 'This book is everything I would have expected from the wonderful Mel Giedroyc.