Twochubbycubs Fast and Filling 100 Delicious Slimming Recipes by James and Paul Anderson

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THE 2CC'S MUST-HAVE SECOND SERVING OF DELICIOUS SLIMMING RECIPES - FULL OF FLAVOUR, FAST TO MAKE AND FILLING - ALL 500 CALORIES OR LESS! Fast and Filling, is the second cookbook from Sunday Times bestselling authors, the twochubbycubs - packed 100 more tasty slimming recipes, all under 500 calories, beautifully photographed and easy to make - these meals and snacks are designed to help with your weight loss and ensure you save precious time in the kitchen too - whether that's through meals cooked in minutes, or dinner ideas that can be scaled up and batch cooked for later. What to expect: - All recipes are calorie counted with clear indications of portions and prep and cook timings + flavour and cooking tips. - 2CC store cupboard essentials.

- Recipe symbols throughout: easy to scale, quick to make, good for lunches, freeze well, dairy-free, gluten-free, veggie and vegan + smart swaps - ideas to make each recipe work for your dietary requirements. - Simple, affordable, family-friendly ingredients. - Chapters include: Bangin' Breakfasts, Minute Meals (for those in a hurry!), One Pan, Low & Slow, Tighten the Belt (for pre-pay day!), Fakeaways and Sweet Treats.

- Miniblogs of signature silliness with each recipe - James and Paul will give you a newfound confidence to get cooking and have you laughing along the road to weight loss!