Lonely Fajita by Abigail Mann

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If you liked The Flatshare, you will LOVE this book... 'Abigail Mann is a sparky new talent on the scene. The Lonely Fajita is comforting, witty, wise and thoroughly entertaining.

(And it made me crave fajitas)' Milly Johnson It's Elissa's birthday, and she's accidentally booked a cervical smear instead of a celebration... Great. The icing on the cake? Her boyfriend is kicking her out of their houseshare.

So when she's offered the chance to live with a pensioner rent-free, Elissa knows she needs to impress Annie, who turned down the last twenty-two applicants. Somehow, even after Elissa goes on about 'definitely not being an axe-murderer', Annie chooses her. And just like Elissa, prickly, sweary, big-hearted Annie could use a friend.

Elissa may have nowhere else to go, but is she just where she needs to be? A book you'll want to share with all your friends. The perfect uplifting read for fans of Marian Keyes and Beth O'Leary - and if you love The Lonely Fajita, don't miss Abigail's next book The Sister Surprise! Shortlisted for a 2019 Comedy Women in Print Prize Readers love The Lonely Fajita... 'Moving and funny, this is perfect for fans of Holly Bourne and Marian Keyes' My Weekly 'A romcom perfect for Marian Keyes fans' Waitrose Magazine 'A touching, funny and totally uplifting read about finding friendship in the unlikeliest of places' Hannah Tovey 'I relished this witty, tender story of loneliness, growth and friendship.