Sweet Dreams by Dylan Jones

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David Bowie. Culture Club. Wham!.Soft Cell. Duran Duran. Sade.Spandau Ballet. The Eurythmics... 'Who better to tell the story of the super-stylish New Romantic movement than GQ editor Jones, who lived through it?'i News, 75 Best New Books for Autumn'Jones has finally produced the tribute that one of Britain's most culturally rich periods truly deserves.' Classic Pop ***** One of the most creative entrepreneurial periods since the Sixties, the era of the New Romantics grew out of the remnants of post-punk and developed quickly alongside club culture, ska, electronica, and goth.

The scene had a huge influence on the growth of print and broadcast media, and was arguably one of the most bohemian environments of the late twentieth century. Not only did it visually define the decade, it was the catalyst for the Second British Invasion, when the US charts would be colonised by British pop music - making it one of the most powerful cultural exports since the Beatles. In Sweet Dreams, Dylan Jones charts the rise of the New Romantics through testimony from the people who lived it.

For a while, Sweet Dreams were made of this.