Animals & Nature

101 Uses for a Bulldog

9781623434182 Willow Creek Press

101 Uses for a Dachshund

9781623430313 Willow Creek Press

101 Uses for a Pug

9781623430320 Willow Creek Press

101 Uses for a Yorkie

9781623439583 Willow Creek Press

A Gift from Bob by James Bowen

9781473605800 Hodder and Stoughton

A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

9781447295266 Pan

Alan The Christmas Donkey: The Little Donkey Who Made A Big Difference by Tracy Garton

9781509839025 Macmillan

Amber's Donkey by Julian Austwick

9781785031694 Ebury

Animal Babies by Laura Barwick

9781785941009 BBC Books
Published 18th August

Animal Heroes : True Stories of Extraordinary Creatures by Ben Holt

9781786850058 Summersdale

Arthur The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home by Mikael Lindnord

9781473625266 Two Roads

Bailey Boat Cat : Adventures of a Feline Afloat

9781472906502 Bloomsbury

Beyond the Call of Duty by Isabel George

9780007371518 Harper Element


Bilbo the Lifeguard Dog : A True Story of Friendship and Heroism by Stephen Jamieson

9781509821396 Sidgwick & Jackson

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Bob No Ordinary Cat by James Bowen

9781444764901 Hodder

Botanicum by Kathy Wills

9781783703944 Big Picture Press

Botanicum Postcards

9781783706341 Templar Publishing

Buster: the Dog who Saved a Thousand lives by Will Barrow and Isabel George

9780753555798 Virgin Books


Call the Vet by Anna Birch

9780753555071 Virgin Books

Cat Tales : 200 Years of Great Cat Stories by Tom Quinn

9781846892295 Quiller

Catopedia : A Fascinating Collection of Feline Curiosities by Justine Hawkins

9781472224781 Headline

Cats in Snow : The Ultimate Collection by Hugo Ross

9781785300608 Black and White Publishing

Charlie The Dog Who Came in from the Wild by LisaTenzin-Dolma

9781845847845 Hubble and Hattie

Close Encounters of the Furred Kind by Tom Cox

9780751560022 Sphere

Common Ground Rob Cowen

9780099592037 Hutchinson

Complete Garden Bird Book : How to Identify and Attract Birds to Your Garden by Mark Golley and Stephen Moss

9781472937643 Bloomsbury

Cows in Trees by Julian Earl

9781846892318 Quiller Publishing

Daisy's Gift by Claire Guest

9780753557433 Virgin

Do Birds Have Knees? by Stephen Moss

9781472932358 Bloomsbury

Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me From Myself by Julie Barton

9781509834488 Bluebird

Dog Soldiers : Love, Loyalty and Sacrifice on the Front Line by Isobel George

9780008148072 Harper Element

Dogopedia : A Compendium of Canine Curiosities by Justin Hankins

9781472237781 Headline
Published 6th October

Dogs in Snow : The Ultimate Collection by Hugo Ross

9781785300004 Black and White Publishing

Dogs in the Bath : The Ultimate Collection by Hugo Ross

9781785300615 Black and White Publishing

Dogs of Courage : When Britain's Pets Went to War 1939-45 by Christy Campbell

9781472115676 Corsair

Dogs of Courage : When Britain's Pets Went to War 1939-45 by Clare Campbell

9781472115669 Corsair

English Countryside by Ruth Binney

9781910821015 Rydon Publishing
  • Amazing and Extraordinary Facts Series
  • Felix the Railway Cat by Kate Moore

    9780718185435 Michael Joseph

    Friend for Life The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs by Kate Humble

    9781472224996 Headline

    H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

    9780099575450 Vinatge

    Haatchi and Little B by Wendy Holden

    9780552170314 Bantam Press

    Hercules the Bear by Maggie Robin

    9781784188153 Metro Books

    Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

    9781771642484 Greystone Books

    It's All About Treo by David Heyhoe

    9781780873992 Quercus

    Labrador : The Story of the World's Favourite Dog by Ben Fogle

    9780007549016 William Collins

    Labradorable: Labradors at home, at large, and at play by Villager Jim

    9781782492757 Cico Books

    Labradors by Jenny Mackendrick

    9780750963961 History Press

    Landskipping : Painters, Ploughmen and Places by Anna Pavord

    9781408868911 Bloomsbury

    Love Cats by Hugo Ross

    9781785300851 Black and White Publishing

    Make Your Own Bird Food : Simple Recipes to Entice Birds to Your Garden by Mark Golley

    9781472937612 Bloomsbury

    Match a Track : Match 25 Animals to Their Paw Prints

    9781780679648 Laurence King

    Miracle by Amanda Leask

    9781785032554 Ebury Press

    Morelabradorable : Follow the Adventures of Barnaby the Labrador and His Friends by Villager Jim

    9781782494478 CICO Books

    My Life in His Paws The Story of Ted and How He Saved Me by Wendy Pilling

    9781473635678 Coronet

    My Rescue Dog Rescued Me by Sharon Ward Keeble

    9781849539500 Summersdale

    Penguin Bloom : The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family by Cameron Bloom

    9781782119791 Canongate Books

    Plant Lore and Legend by Ruth Binney

    9781910821107 Rydon Publishing

    Please Take Me Home : The Story of the Rescue Cat by Christy and Clare Campbell

    9781472115690 Corsair

    Pounce! by Seth Casteel

    9780751566291 Sphere

    Pumpkin: The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog by Laura Young

    9780752266114 Boxtree